SimiCart – Native app builder in Magento for iOS and Android

SimiCart – Magento Mobile Shopping App Builder

SimiCart is an app builder platform, which will automatically build a native app for your online business within the information you provide. Within 3 mins, not 30 days or 3 months as normal, you can have a powerful application magento with optimized mobile UI.

  • Create your app in minutes without any coding
  • Customize easily with plugins
  • Fully integrated with Magento webstore

magento mobile app - mobile shopping app - simicart

CUSTOMERS ARE MOVING TO MOBILE. New trends for mobile marketing ? You must have magento mobile apps, right away! Because this is the best way to interact and convert sales from mobile users

SimiCart – Outstanding Features

Build Magento Mobile App without coding requirement

With SimiCart, you needn’t technical knowledge to build a shopping app for your store. Only 3 steps to create an app:

magento mobile app - mobile -shopping app - simple process

Flexibly customize Magento marketing Apps by adding plugins

SimiCart is developed on plugin mechanism, which increases the ability to customize your app. Much like Lego, now you can build your app by matching it with plugins that suit your online business most. Don’t worry that yours will be another cloned app. It’s made for your webstore only.

Be fully integrated with Magento stores

SimiCart is integrated with Magento- the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. Every button, link, notification or purchase funnel.. on your app is designed to promise your customers a fantastic buying experience with you right on their mobile or tablet.

Native app for popular platforms

App built by SimiCart is native app, which will be installed directly onto mobile device itself. It runs fast, smoothly to make sure that customers’ buying experience on your shopping app will be fantastic. Now, SimiCart supports 3 most popular platforms:

magneto mobile app - mobile shopping app - app platforms

Do you have a mobile commerce applications for your business !

SimiCart – Customers feedback

Linda Chung

We worked with Magestore guys and appreciated their quick and dedicated support. Customers can access our mobile App much faster than others. Thank you!


Building a mobile app is a great way to make a professional selling channel. It can help to increase customer return rate and customer loyalty. I am looking for this solution at the most reasonable cost and SimiCart will surely be my first choice.

Quang Bui

It’s really a great solution for any online store. My website is now well-optimized for mobile devices. Customers get more convenience and save a lot of time when purchasing. They are happy with it and so do we.

For more customers’ feedback on SimiCart, click here.

SimiCart – Happy Customer

magento moible app - mobile shopping app - happy customers


Magento Apps for shopping more and more popular nowadays

Among the most concerning issues emerges a very important thing but usually ignored: Time to build a mobile shopping app.


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